Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Year of Yes: Dates 4.1 & 4.2

So, I went out with The Doctor on Sunday. Twice. Yes, twice.

First we had breakfast. Nothing thrilling there except for the conversation and the coffee. Why did it never occur to me to date a stand up comedian? Oh, perhaps because I was always afraid that I am not funny enough because of previously mentioned dopeheads telling me I am not funny.

I digress.

Then we went to a book sale, where I proceeded to smell the books. What? Why does everyone look at me like that? I can't help it if my nose and I have a close and intimate relationship with books and their scent. Besides, ask anyone, I love how certain things smell.

Yes, The Doctor thought I was crazy. Whatever, he's the psychologist.

Then we went to the Reno Earth Day Celebration. The Doctor had to leave early, so I stayed with friends. But before he left, he invited me to have dinner at his place that night. (Hence, the third date.)

He can cook. And he's intelligent, and damn if he doesn't make me laugh. And we have the same political views, which is a nice change for once.


Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting! And as we spoke last night, the maturity level is A+. Have tons of fun and keep us updated...Lorna

Heather Penrod said...

I smell books too. It reminds me of childhood - being in the library which was one of my favorite places.

Holli said...

Well the Doctor sounds cool. I'm glad you've updated and that you are having fun.