Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Everyone Else (i.e. THE NON COMPLAINERS)

To everyone else who reads my blog (which I can hardly count myself in that category anymore!):

I heart you all for the following reasons:

1) You read my blog and think enough (or not enough) of me to comment. How lovely! I complain about something, and you get to respond! What a fantastic world we live in! (And although that sounds VERY sarcastic, it is not meant to be in the slightest.)

2) I have been trying not to be so down & out on the blog lately, and as I was discussing with The Doc last night, I have a very hard time writing when I am happy. I only have something to say when I am sad. When I am happy, I am usually out doing something that does not involve writing anything, such as going to Portland with friends or missing an awesome three day music festival.

3) Your comments make me want to be a better person.

(Who am I kidding? They don't. And they certainly don't make me want to read any children's vampire books any more, either.)

For Heather

If I prick you (hee hee, I said prick) then you do bleed, as I have seen you do many times BECAUSE WE LIVE TOGETHER, FOO!

I also heart you for the following reasons:

1) IN SPITE OF FORGETTING ABOUT BONO, you saw U2 with me. It is like going to Spain with me. Oh, wait, we did that too.

2) You put up with my blubbering when I need it (which seems like on a daily basis).

3) You put up with pretty much everything I do, from blowing my nose obnoxiously loud to not drinking milk as avidly as you & Mr. Heather do.

4) You have killer puppies.

For Amanda

I heart you; let me count the ways.

1) You always call me on my shit.
2) You complain about not being mentioned in my blog.
3) You could care less that I could have gotten some from (possibly) my future husband.
4) You are Miss Amanda, soon to be Mrs. Amanda.

And I didn't get very many good pictures from the weekend. Honestly, you saw them on my facebook. Seriously lame.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seriously Funny Stuff

This weekend I had a gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic, wonderful time with my friends in Portland. But I missed out something huge. A FREE ticket to Coachella.

Now, some of you may be wondering, what is this Coachella she speaks of? Well, it is a three day music festival (we all know how much I ADORE music festivals!) in the middle of the Southern Californian desert.

Did I mention FREE?

The Doc won tickets on the radio and offered to take me. How great is THAT I ask? Great, I say. And because The Doc knows how upset I am about missing out, he keeps texting me and informing me about how awful it is and how the bands suck. (Paul McCartney? The Cure? Not sucking, I'm sure.)

I just received a text that read: "WTF? This isn't The Cult?" And I seriously laugh out loud. Hard. I love "She Sells Sanctuary" but The Cult is no Cure, but it is awesome that he thinsk of me enough to text me and make me laugh.

Oh, and my friends made me laugh this weekend, too. In particular, Amanda slipping and falling into the pool. Good times.