Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aidan

I went to Emmett for a short little weekend trip. Mom and Dad had just returned from their European Vacation (OK, they went to the Basque Country and to Madrid, but still, that's in Europe!) and Steph, Nate, and Aidan were going to Idaho to visit. I had to see the family.

When I got there late Friday night, we decided to go to The Gem Lounge. Friends of the family bought the place and have remodeled, so it is super beautiful now. We enjoyed ourselves. Maybe a little too much.

Yes, I am two-fisting. I regretted it the next day.
The next day, was Aidan's birthday party. He had cake. Watch the video. It's adorable!

I got to see a lot of familar faces, and some not so familar, like new additions to my bunch of girlfriends' families: And I got to watch Aidan do some of his favorite things:

1) Play with the hose.2) Play with Aitxetxe.

3) Smile.

I seriously had a lot of fun with my little buddy. I hope everyone who was there had as much fun as I did!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A few of you have expressed an interest in my opinion on the books I have read and the movies I have seen this year. In order to help you, I decided to remove the links to the books and movies that I did not care for. This is not to say that you might not enjoy them, but rather I had a strong dislike for them, or was bored, or was disinterested 5 mintues into it.

That being said, Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My List of Demands

Here I am, thinking of intelligent and more productive ways of meeting new people (men, specifically). This is always in the back of my mind: where am I going to meet ANYONE if not online? Then, as I was working, a woman came on the radio and said to "make a list and envision where that kind of person would hang out at. Then go to that place."

I thought, "I have a list! I should update it again." It seems so simple. We'll see. I'm quite the pessimist right now when it comes to men. I guess what I am working on right now is just trying to be nicer and more approachable to strangers, men and women alike, because I want to put forth a friendly persona. I have to practice that.

Here's the new list.

1) He must be pun-ny. I have no idea why, but stupid lame puns make me laugh. Hard. Don't ask me why; it just is.

2) He must have decent looks. Do I care if He is not of the "correct" height to weight ratio? Shit no, because then I would be a hypocrite. But I must be attracted to Him. My barf reflexes are not that great.

3) He must have passion. And I don't mean He has to be passionate toward me, just that we share the same passions (or some of the same passions). Life, music (not JUST Bono), movies, books. He has to enjoy going to the movies and watching movies. He has to like movies. He must like to read something, even if it is magazines or the newspaper. Never do I want to hear out of His mouth, "You're always reading. Why don't you spend more time with Me?"

4) He must appreciate me for who I am. Duh, right? Well, I may think so, but most of the men I have dated seem to think that I should be thankful for the small amount of time and attention they give me. Think again, assholes.

5) He must be funny, in addition to pun-ny. And He has to appreciate my humor as well. Never do I want to hear these words ever again: "You're not as funny as you think you are, Micaela." Because then I will be forced to reply, "Well, dumb ass, you have a horrible sense of humor. How's this for funny: GET LOST." He might not like that.

6) He must be smart. At least as smart as I am.

8) He must travel well. In other words, travel well with me. I like to travel. Nay, I LOVE to travel. And while on this last trip to New Orleans, I realized that my future partner must be able to travel well with me. Surprisingly, most of my exes have possessed this quality, but it still must be on the list as a must have.

9) He must be aware of certain social niceties. Such as, after two dates and He is still interested in me, He must be aware socially enough to realize that I will not wait around for Him to call me, and that He must put forth an effort for me to actually realize He is interested.

10) He must like to/want to hang out with my friends. And vice versa.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Since we had such a wonderful time last year at the Lake, we decided to go again this year. however, we did not check the weather reports or think that maybe since the entire state of California is on fire, that maybe, quite possibly, it would be smoky.

This is the one picture I got of the fireworks. My roommates got WAAAAAAY better pictures, and when I get copies, I will share them with you.

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July!