Monday, March 31, 2008

The Best Thing to Come Out of This Weekend

is this picture.

No, but seriously kids. I had a great time this weekend, listening to some great bands with my friends. And getting hit on left and right. Sometimes a girl just needs to be flirted with.

And maybe a little too many Jack and Cokes?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is Some Serious Fun!!!

This is a seven seat bike. I rode on one all night in downtown Reno, and I am telling you right now, it is the most fun I have EVER had in Reno. Hands down. Fun.

I don't know much about the bike. Or where Pete got it. He said he got it from some guy in Amsterdam. One person steers and pedals (it has a steering wheel) and the other six people hold onto the middle and pedal. I was riding backwards, and it was a strange sensation. And he had a speaker set up in it and a kind of strobe light thing. But we were like rock stars -- I'm talking BONO status -- downtown. People were honkin' and yellin' and asking for rides. Pete was cool enough to give some people rides, and he was cool enough to spin some cookies! Oh, man, it was like a little piece of Disneyland. I haven't giggled that much in ages.

I didn't want to go out with random strangers. I wasn't in the mood to meet new people. I wanted to hang out at home. But I forced myself to go, and look at the great time I had.

And I didn't think about being lonely once.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter, Day of My Birth, 31 Years Ago!

I am one of the lucky people who were born on a rotating holiday. (What do we call those holidays that are never on the same day every year? You know, the ones that throw us off and make the OCD people of the world freak out?)

Those poor kids born on Christmas. Or The 4th of July. No, holidays like Easter, which happens to be the holiday I was born on, are totally excellent. Holidays like Thanksgiving. Or being born on the 13th. Maybe, just maybe, your birthday will fall on that holiday once again! We are the lucky of the lucky! Sometimes we get to share our birthday with a cool holiday (and if we are lucky an extra day off)!

I always wondered if Mom lied to me about being born on Easter. I mean, in the Catholic church, Easter is IT. Easter is more important that Christmas and The Ascension combined. I never wanted to know if Mom lied about it.

But she didn't lie. I Googled it. I was born on Easter, but my birthday has never been on Easter since. Every year, I wait patiently for the calendar to come out and show me if my birthday is on Easter.

My birthday won't be on Easter again until 2039. I'll be 62.

I can't wait for my 62nd birthday. I am going to party like a rock star.

If I make it that far.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seriously, This Guy Is A Douche

I went on my profile. Vic has been on his profile within the last 24 hours. Oh, he has time to check out new girls, but not me.

Seriously. My feelings are hurt. What a douchebag.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Really, Vic? Really.

Here was email from Thursday, March 13th, in the AM.

"  So, are we still on for this weekend?  It's Heather's
birthday and I promised a friend I would help
them move,
but I would love to work seeing you in somehow. Any
free time for little'ole me?
Let me know. Talk to you


This was his response:

"I forgot my brother and niece are here for this weekend.
We'll probably
be in Tahoe for most of the weekend, but
I'll try to hit you up next
week, if that works for you."

Wha, wha, WHAT?! You'll TRY? We made plans for this weekend, and you don't
even have the decency to CALL me to tell me that your plans have changed?
No, that won't work for me. I haven't seen you in TWO WEEKS! What happened?

This was my (in my humble opinion, polite) response:

Ok, I don't want to seem bitchy or needy or anything, but I really like you and I really would like to spend more time with you. However, it truly seems as if you are way too busy to be dating right now. I have been trying really hard not to be too demanding of your time because I know you are busy and have homework, etc., but I just feel like if you were truly as interested as you say you are, then you would make more of an effort. I know you have said you are interested in me, but I would really rather you just tell me you aren't interested (if that is the case), rather than me sitting here wondering what is going on. I don't mean to put you on the spot, but this is just super frustrating for me. I understand that you are really busy, but a phone call, email, or text message once in a while would go a long way to make me not feel like I am wasting my time.

To which I have received NO reply. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not even a "Hey, I'm not that into you." I mean, really? What the hell did I do to deserve this?

Is there no hope? Is there no decency in the world? Am I going to have to move out of this hell hole in order to find SOMEONE who will at least give the honesty I am asking for and tell me he is not interested?

God, help me.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Year of Yes: Back On

What? No time for me? Again?

Year of Yes.

Game on.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Year of Yes: Date 3.4

I think my Year of Yes is coming to an end. I know, it's only March, and I am already thinking about calling an end to it. Here are my reasons, which I find very reasonable:

1) No one new has asked me out in two months. I've even emailed five guys 13 days ago. Not one single response. But I'm OK with that because

2) I really like Vic. Really, really, really like him! He's fun, smart, funny, and terribly cute. He may not understand the superiority of soccer compared to American football, but he understands my unnatural fear of rats & why San Francisco is better than L.A. (Although, "I love L.A.!") And he likes me! He shares my love for movies, food & general laziness. He doesn't hate U2. He may not love Bono, but he certainly appreciates my devotion.

Honestly, I think sometimes we are both like, "He (she) likes me? Really!?! I'm so stinkin' lucky!" It is just the way he looks at me sometimes.

I have my doubts and apprehensions, though: I am still Micaela. Things for me are always too good to be true. He's super busy (which I am dealing with as best I can), and for some reason I can't shake this feeling that there is another woman. I don't feel that way because of anything he has said, but only my own subconscious fears rising. No idea why, just a general apprehension. I'll get over it eventually. But for now, I'm just pretty happy that things are going moderately well for my Year of Yes!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I don't know why, but I waited a week to see U23D. (Oh, wait, I know why: because I wanted to be THE ONLY ONE IN THE THEATER!!!!! So I could freak out, obviously.)

Heather, Tracy and I went out for some breakfast for dinner and then to the movie theater, where I tried to wait patiently for MY BOYFRIEND to come on screen. FINALLY, the movie started and I was totally amazed! The 3D effects were totally cool, and it really seemed like it was 3D! And the sounds was good. I clapped at the end of each song, just in case Bono could hear me. Just in case.

I love you, Bono. And The Edge. And Adam & Lar-Bear, too!!!