Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter, Day of My Birth, 31 Years Ago!

I am one of the lucky people who were born on a rotating holiday. (What do we call those holidays that are never on the same day every year? You know, the ones that throw us off and make the OCD people of the world freak out?)

Those poor kids born on Christmas. Or The 4th of July. No, holidays like Easter, which happens to be the holiday I was born on, are totally excellent. Holidays like Thanksgiving. Or being born on the 13th. Maybe, just maybe, your birthday will fall on that holiday once again! We are the lucky of the lucky! Sometimes we get to share our birthday with a cool holiday (and if we are lucky an extra day off)!

I always wondered if Mom lied to me about being born on Easter. I mean, in the Catholic church, Easter is IT. Easter is more important that Christmas and The Ascension combined. I never wanted to know if Mom lied about it.

But she didn't lie. I Googled it. I was born on Easter, but my birthday has never been on Easter since. Every year, I wait patiently for the calendar to come out and show me if my birthday is on Easter.

My birthday won't be on Easter again until 2039. I'll be 62.

I can't wait for my 62nd birthday. I am going to party like a rock star.

If I make it that far.


Emily said...

Today's your birthday? Happy birthday!!!! Hmmm, wonder why you aren't on my list of birthdays. Hope you had a great Easter and birthday!!!!!

Mrs. Hewson said...

No, TODAY isn't my birthday, I was just born on Easter! (And I am notorious for celebrating my birth MONTH.)

Anonymous said...

Does April 1 st count.