Friday, July 27, 2007

He Just Keeps Getting Cuter and Cuter!

Here are my two tough guys, wise guys. Aren't they adorable?

Seriously, though, I think I am the proudest Tia in the world. Right now, all I can do is think about how I get to hold him in about 4 weeks. Four very long weeks.

I just hope his mom and I can keep him from growing up into a jerk like the men I have been meeting lately. Bitter? No. Just hopeful I can change the world one step at a time. And if I am not going to have my own children, I'll start with my sister's.

But seriously, he is adorable. And better and better every day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why, oh Why, Can I Not Shake This Feeling?

I seriously cannot shake this feeling that I have done something to deserve all of the heartache men have given me over the years. Did I torment a young boy when I was young and unknowing about karma? Did I ridicule someone into thinking less of themselves? Did I accidentally kill someone and I didn't know it?

Because somewhere, out there in karma-land, there is someone who has it in for me. Bad. But just in the men department. Not in the friend department, because I have always been blessed with amazing, beautiful, and loving friends. Not in the work department, because I have always been blessed with having a job when I need one, and usually a job I enjoy. Not in the family department, because I have truly an amazing family, who is (usually) fun to be around. (I kid, I kid.)

But in the men department, I have had nothing but bad, horrible ju-ju. Gay men seem to want to date me in order to convince others that they aren't gay. Drug addicts and dealers seem to want to date me because I seem stable and normal. Jerks seem to want to date me, because I "seem bitchy enough." Liars seem to want to date me because...well, I don't know why because I don't lie, unless it is to save your feelings. So, what is it? Am I throwing out bad men mo-jo? Because I have been going through the usual girl run-down: I'm not pretty enough (7? Please, I am waaaaaay hotter than a 7), I'm not smart enough (tell that to the graduate school entrance board. Smart enough to get in there, eh?), I'm not funny enough (well, that's just not true), I'm not ... what? Oh, wait. I think I might know. I'm not a big enough loser. Oh, I'm missing the loser gene! Thank God.

I just wish men could get it into their thick skulls that if they want a smart and independent woman, then they need to accept the traits that come with those things: independent thought, un-sheeplike behavior, and strength. Oh, you don't want a strong woman? Then you better rethink a minute.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Introducing Aiden James McLaughlin

Ahhh, my beautiful nephew / godson:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Introducing Baby McLaughlin!

Here is a picture of my cute nephew, as yet un-named, and my even cuter Daddy.

How cute are the Athletic booties; I mean, really?

Is it sad that the only happy thing in my life right now is the fact that I am a Tia AND a Godmother??? No, it isn't sad. It's is the happiest day of my life! (Until the other nieces and nephews are born from my dear sister's womb.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Asshole Alert Number 237

Randy actually said to me that he wanted to "find someone better."

Better. What a complete asshole. (And yes, yes I hope he reads this and realizes what a complete asshole he has been and at least tries to feel bad about for a second. I mean, what a completely MEAN thing to say to someone else.)

Although I totally understand that relationships don't work out, I really don't understand why he had to be so mean about it. Why he had to tell me that he wanted to cheat on me. Why he had to say that he "feels bad for breaking my heart." We knew each other for four months. Does he really think that my heart is so fragile and weak that after four months it is actually in breakable mode? Please. Jason broke my heart. Two and a half years is a long time for a heart to think it is safe. Four months is not, especially when one of those months is a complete and utter waste of time when Randy has been going around acting like a dickface.

I warn you women of the Americas: there are two Randys. One is super nice, fun, thrilling and hot. The other is sullen, mean-spirited, selfish, and cold. Stay away from both.

What I am upset about is the fact that I am great and wonderful and no one seems to realize this. Why are my friends and I the only ones to realize that I am funny, beautiful, fun and exciting? Why are all these men that I meet determined to use me and then toss me away like I mean nothing?

Why did Randy tell me he loved me and wanted to move in together and that "it would fine if I kept my name when we got married" if he didn't mean it? How in the hell can you possibly change your mind in the span of 5 days?

So, by now I guess you have realized that Randy and I broke up. I had told him last week that I wanted to break up with him, but I am too nice of a person. I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt and "one more chance." I wish I would have acted on my gut instincts because then I wouldn't be sitting here, allowing the mean things he said to me hurt me. On Friday, he told me that he doesn't want me to leave him, that he wants to try to make things work. Not to leave him alone, just to leave him be (whatever the hell THAT means, because he couldn't tell me). Then on Saturday, he goes out drinking with friends and realizes that he is attractive to other women! What a shock! He can sleep with someone else. So, then he realizes that if he feels that way, he obviously doesn't love me. Obviously.

But don't try to talk someone into not breaking up with you if you DON'T MEAN IT.

Seriously, why are my dating blogs all about how men do things that don't match what they want? If you want a girlfriend, then get one. If you want a fuck buddy, then get one. You just better pick me for the previous one and not the latter, because I don't roll that way.