Friday, October 26, 2007

Wow, That's a REALLY Big TV

Every year, a few friends and I travel to a cabin somewhere (usually Truckee) and spend a weekend scrapbooking. This year was no different. As I was designated the Queen (or as I like to call it, the Slave), I got to plan and organize the weekend. I chose a beautiful cabin that Tracy had found a few years ago. We love it.
This year was exceptionally interesting. When we arrived, the cabin nest to us (probably this person first home, and not a rental like most of the houses in the area are) was having cable installed. I, of course, commented on the attractiveness of the cable man. (He really was cute!)

As it got later and later, a few of us were still up scrappin'. You couldn't get us to stop! And I happen to look up and I could see through the next door neighbor's windows and right to his TV. It was HUGE! Gigantic. Abnormally big. And he was watching Star Wars: Episode 3. I comment on this, and every once in a while I would look up to see which part of the movie it was. At one point I looked up and said:

"Man, that TV is HUGE! I just can't believe how big .... Oh, my God! He's watching PORN!"

At that point, Tracy immediately turned around, and all she saw were two people kissing. She said, "That's not pron. They're just kissing."

And then the camera panned back, and ...let's just say, they weren't JUST kissing.

We laughed and laughed. We commented on how the man needed to invest not in cable but in some blinds or window treatments. We tried to take pictures of him watching porn.

Needless to say, it was really funny to see. But the best part was this: he kept flipping the channels! First he would watch porn, and then he would watch baseball. Then the local news. Then more porn. Then some more baseball.

"Hmmm, I'm bored of the news. I think I'll watch some porn for a few minutes!"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Company Vehicles Rock

It may not be the most convenient vehicle on the planet, but it is cute, and I don't have to pay for oil changes, registration, or insurance!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just Call Me Ameri-Basque!

Recently, my daddy informed me that I might have an opportunity to become a dual citizen of both America (obviously) and Spain.

"Bitchin'!" was my response.

When I was born in the great year of 1977, my dad was not yet a US citizen; therefore, I have the same rights as he did when I was born.

I get to go to the Spanish consulate in San Francisco, fill out some paperwork (I am sure that it will be much more complicated than "just some paperwork"...) and ta-da! I will have dual citizenship. I think (HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!) I get to have an EU passport, because then I won't have to admit to actually belonging to a country where this is a reality:

And instead, I can say, THIS is my reality: