Monday, October 27, 2008

New Orleans 2008: Day One

When I got to New Orleans, Steph already had plans for us! We ordered a quick pizza and then we headed down to the Quarter for a spooky ghost tour!

OK. It wasn't that spooky. Or ghost-y for that matter. But it was a fun way to start off the week! For $20, we got two-for-one drinks at a couple of bars (SURPRISE!) and we got to hear some really cool stories about how New Orleans started and used to be. It was pretty gory and violently graphic. So I loved it!!

Here we are at one of the mandatory drinking stops. Errrr, I mean "bathroom breaks." At least, that is how they described it. Because you know, we ladies can hardly control our bladder for AN HOUR!!! So we have to stop and go to the bathroom. Instead of using the vile facilities, we decided to drink. A PBR for me and a Cuba Libre for Steph. Oddly enough, the bartender didn't know what a Cuba Libre was. (You may not either. Don't feel bad. It's a rum & Coke.) But when you are that close to Cuba, and a bartender in the biggest drinking town I've EVER seen, you might want to catch up on your bar lingo.

This is a picture of Steph and her Bloody Mary. Now, the story on the Bloody Mary: We were "forced" to wait for the tour to start in a bar where we got aforementioned two-for-one drinks. The bartender asked me what we wanted, and I told her I wanted a Cape Cod. She looks at Steph, who says in a HEAVY Southern accent, "Y'all got Zing Zangs?" But it came out like "Y'all got Zing Zaaaaaangs?" And as I turned to see who this stranger was ordering a drink with me, a totally hot guy standing next to us looks at Steph and asks her what Zing Zangs is. She replies, this time with a little less South in her voice, "It's a Bloody Mary mix. And it's fuckin' goooooooood."

Now, I was surprised that this beautiful man was speaking to us, but more surprised that Steph had picked up a Southern accent, but even more surprised that she said fuckin' to a complete stranger.

I seriously laughed about it the entire ghost tour, and I constantly asked her if Zing Zangs was fuckin' good.

A random shot of the French Quarter, or Vieux Carre, as they say in Nawlins. This is where we started our tour.

I had to post this on my blog even if it is a horrible picture. (My camera is getting the boot. It SUCKS!) But I had to post it because our tour guide had this outrageous story of this house that pure evil and vile things happened here, and we were all engrossed in the story, and then all of it turned out to be fake. But Nicholas Cage owns the house now. Seriously scary.

I Literally Just Stepped Off the Plane

I had to share some pictures of my super adorable baby nephew!!! I had the pleasure of babysitting all last week, and boy, is Tia Ky tired!!!
I'm working on some posts about my glorious week in Nawlins, but I thought this might tide you over for now.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Right, Already!

I thought since my friend hadn't posted in a while, that I might be off the hook. I guess not.

So, in honor of all the people who have busted my non-existent balls over the last week: here is the latest in the life of Micaela.

I'm not dating this month. I am too busy. THANK GOD. What with scrapbooking, Apple Hill and a giant trip to New Orleans, I simply don't have the energy to date. And I needed a real break. One that I didn't force upon myself because I was so fed up with men, but a break that I actually looked forward to! And it has been nice.

But I do have a few stories and pictures to share, and they will be forthcoming. Patience is a virtue. One that I do not possess, but one you should.