Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The 11th Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Oh, how I love the Tree Decorating Party. You know, the one where Heather, Crystal and I work our asses off decorating the tree to Christmas light perfection, while everyone else stands around, eating and drinking, while pretending to feel bad about not doing anything.

Except for Tracy and Ian, of course, who put on an excellent spread, if you ask me! Tail of the Monkey gets me every time!

Well, here are a few pictures of how I spent my last Saturday.

1) Decorating the Tree.
2) Eating and Drinking

3) Playing Werewolf

4) Watching Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Now, Werewolf is one of best party games known to mankind. It is always fun. And remember, Megan is ALWAYS the werewolf:


Holli said...

What a fun party, Mic! You look adorable by the tree :)

Mrs. Hewson said...

Thanks, I thought so, too! So much in fact, that I added that picture to my online dating website. I thought it was a nice addition.....

Tracysan said...

That's really kind of unfair to the people who aren't helping, since you and Heather have gotten into the habit of rejecting help from less-than-perfect lighters! Also, don't forget that the werewolf always works, too.

And I do put out a hell of a spread!

Mrs. Hewson said...

No, Heather and I reject the less-than-perfect-lighters because they can't put the lights on correctly. They CAN, however, give me a drink, make sure I always have a drink, give me food, feed it to me because my hands are dirty, and check the lights. There are jobs. Many, many jobs. Besides if I don't reject the less-than-perfect lighters, we have to fix it the next day, and who wants that?