Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Orleans 2008: Day Nine

VooDoo Experience Day Three:

Steph and I definately wanted to have a long day at City Park on Sunday where we could just relax and enjoy the music, all the way up to watching R.E.M. We both agreed that we are getting along in age, and that maybe edgeing our way up to the front of the stage probably wouldn't be such a great idea. So, we started off seeing Tokyo Police Club (but we were a little late) and we made friends with a woman sitting next to us. Everywhere we went we made friends. I thought it was great that people looked at us and thought, "Wow, these two girls are RAD!" Because we are.

So, after Tokyo Police Club, we saw Lupe Fiasco, who wasn't our cup of tea, but whatever. Then we went to see some lame band at the crap stage, just to say that we at least TRIED to watch a band at that stage, but after two seconds, I looked at Steph, and she immediately read my mind: "Please God, let me out of here."

We headed over to the New Orleans stage, where Quintron was playing. Oh sweet baby Jesus, this guy was WEIRD. Like crazy. Not really making music but more making noises with things that may represent instruments in an alternate universe. Of course, Steph dug him. I looked at her with the same look on my face as before, and she succumbed, but not as willingly as I had hoped.

Then we headed over to watch The Blind Boys of Alabama with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band play. Wow! What enthusiasm! And they have won tons of Grammys. I was impressed. And it was so great because there were a bunch of (hot) guys playing frisbee and just hanging out. It was very relaxed and chill.

Then we decided to head back over to commandeer a spot for R.E.M. We watched Dashboard Confessional, who I really, really enjoyed, and Panic! at the Disco, who were OK.

Then. (Drum roll, please):

That's right, R.E.M. We were so happy, it was like we died and gone to heaven. Here's proof:


Mimi said...

And see here I thought that you went back to visit with FAMILY. But from these posts, it's clear that it was all about the MUSIC and the FOOD and the ALCOHOL. Nice trip!

Mrs. Hewson said...

Well, my family went with me, so I could enjoy the food, music and alcohol more!