Friday, March 2, 2007

An Open Letter to Steph and Nate

I would like to comment on why I think I would make a fantastic Godmother. Not only will I be the best auntie EVER, I will be a great Godmother because I will buy him whatever Star Wars things he wants. (Not like our mother who wouldn't buy me the Princess Leia figurine I wanted because I was a girl and girls aren't supposed to like Star Wars. But if your son wants a Barbie, I'll buy him that, too, because I do not discriminate by gender.)

Your son will know all of the cool bands of our era, and he won't think that they are nerdy or lame, because his cool Tia Ky likes them. He will know about U2, The Dave Matthews Band, and Modest Mouse. And Pink Floyd. And Pearl Jam. And of course, Ani. (We won't have to tell him TOO much about the last Ani concert you and Nate went to, OK?) The music list goes on and on, but our love of music will not be lost on him.

I will also share my love of reading to him. He will love to read like you and I, Steph, and because he will read so much, he will be the smartest kid in school, but cool, too. And when he becomes the President of the United States, I will be the proudest Tia and Godmother ever. Or when he becomes Bono's assistant when Bono gets too old to do his humanitarian work. Whichever the little one would rather do is all right with me.

In other words, I will try to be the best role model that he can have, besides his own mother and father. I will always try to help you and Nate out in whatever way you need me to in raising the little guy, and I will always try to be the coolest Tia Ky a kid can have.

Although it is kinda hard to be me and not be cool at the same time.

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Himself said...

Thou hast learned well, My child.