Saturday, March 10, 2007


**Please note: I have yet to read Tracy's "rant" in full. I am typing my response as I read it.**

Tracy, in response to my "Kiefer Sutherland is the hottest man on TV" post, has now posted her own version of hot men on TV. While I respect her opinion, I was quite disappointed on how she tried to taint your mind with unappealing images of Kiefer when he was acting in MOVIES! Now, we all know that these men are actors, and spend hours and hours a day trying to look good for women like Tracy and I to drool over. But when she pulls up a picture of Kiefer being a bad guy in a movie to "prove her point" of why he is not hot, that is just silly. He was ACTING. It is a little something called his JOB. And just because he was acting as a villain, doesn't mean it detracts from his handsomeness at all.

Even if Kiefer is a white trash Klan member in a MOVIE, he is still looking hot. Not quite Jack Bauer hot, but hot nonetheless. While it MIGHT detract from his overall hotness, it certainly does not make his less good looking.

And vampires are hot. Even girl vampires. Everybody knows this.

But this doesn't matter because he was in the movies, and when I stated Kiefer was the hottest man on television, I meant television.

Now, there are two things I have to mention with the rest of Tracy's list. While I still respect her opinion, she listed all the men from Lost. EXCEPT Matthew Fox, who is the hottest one of them all! I mean, why leave out Matthew? He is smoking hot, too. (Although not HALF as good-looking as Kiefer.)

And the whole shit about Phil, the host from Amazing Race, is just lies. That is like saying that David Caruso is hot at all. I mean, Phil? He is fugly. Seriously, what were you thinking, Tracy? Phil? I might have been sucked into your fantasy if you hadn't mentioned Phil. Phil. Please. I am shuddering as I am typing.

Now, am I saying that there aren't hot men on television besides Kiefer? Of course not. That would be like me saying that U2 is the only music I listen to. It would be a lie. But do I still think that Kiefer is the hottest man on TV right now? Yes, yes I do.

In other words, Tracy, I think we might have to just agree to disagree on this one.

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Tracysan said...

While Phil is the least hot man of all the men I mentioned, I do believe he is still hotter than Kiefer, the actor who for some unknown reason plays vile, nasty men SO WELL! Could it be because he is inherently creepy looking? Oh, I think so. Still, you can have Kiefer all to yourself while I indulge in my Lost orgy fantasy. I guess this works out OK...we won't have to fight over Sawyer. And I don't like Matthew Fox...he does not even measure on my hotness meter.