Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why Jack Bauer is the Sexiest Man on TV, But Why I Would Rather Marry Jim

Last summer, Heather and I decided to Netflix 24 and after watching one episode, we were absolutely hooked. As the seasons progressed, (TV seasons, that is) Jack Bauer just got sexier by the minute. Maybe it is the fact that not only does he save the world in one day, literally, but he can do it while looking smoking hot (Yummy tight t-shirt season in L.A.!), beat up, and compassionate all at once. He has saved numerous people, including but not limited to, his daughter, his wife (almost), the President of the United States, and everyone living in L.A. and the surrounding area.

Side note to the producers at FOX: Please bring Kim back. And then kill her. And Audrey, too. You kill everyone else that I like on there. Kill people I don't like. Please.

Now, I must admit a secret crush on Keifer since I was a little girl. I thought Keifer was right up there with Harrison Ford, which is saying a lot. And now, when Kiefer wears a tight gray t-shirt with a gun holster strapped over it and is running through the streets of L.A. to get the bad guys (who are all REALLY bad, not "kinda" bad), he just makes my knees tremble. And when Jack is double-crossed by the evil terrorists, and he knows that everyone at CTU is wrong, instead of getting killed, he rips out the terrorists jugular...with his TEETH! That is not only bad-ass, but sexy as hell. What other man on TV would do that, I ask you?

Now, why would I not want to marry Jack Bauer? Because about once a year, Jack gets into a sticky situation and then has to take at least 24 hours to fix it. At the end of last season, they sent him to a Chinese prison!! I couldn't live with that. We would have beautiful children, but the stress of living with the one man that can save the world would be too much for me. So I prefer to look and admire him from a distance. Still knowing full well that he is the hottest man on TV at this very moment.

With that in mind, though, I want to marry Jim from The Office. He is the funniest person, and someone that I would love to spend the rest of my life with devising great plans to trick Dwight. And he is sweet and endearing. Is he as hot as Jack Bauer? Hell no. But he is a catch in my mind because most men aren't funny enough. (And if Jack has one flaw, it is that he isn't funny, but then again, nuclear bombs really aren't that funny.)

Ok, who's with me?

PS: The #2 sexiest man on TV is Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck.

The #3 man is Jeff Probst from Survivor. Say what you will, the men are sexy. So there, Tracy.


Tracysan said...

Nay. I will be responding to this soon...oh yes, I will.

Mrs. Hewson said...

What. Ever.

Tracysan said...

Nice save.