Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's All Paris Hilton's Fault

After the awful rampage at Virginia Tech, I feel the need to
at least say a little something about it. I actually am sick
and tired of all the media talking about it. It was awful,
horrible, and unfortunate. Do we have to harp at it like an
open wound? Do we have to go over it, blow by literal blow every
second of the day on CNN? Do we have to really blame everyone
this kid knew from the time he was born? No, it was his fault,
he planned it, and he should pay the consequences. But he was
too chicken shit to do that. Own up for your own actions and
show some responsibility for your actions? Why? But isn't that
what he was arguing against? That was his beef, right: Rich
white kid's entitlement and how they have no responsibility?
Oh, I see. Everyone else is wrong, but you can do it.

But I digress.

The shooting did come up in conversation between Randy and I,
and an interesting note was made by Randy: he thinks it is
all Paris Hilton's fault.

Can't all the horrible defects of our society be attributed to
the boring and shameless flaunting of Paris and her "buddies"?
Why should America, a once beautiful and prosperous country,
be now summed up as a bunch of right-wing conservative
Christians who adore PARIS HILTON? I mean, really. Paris?
Paris Hilton? This is who we choose? At least Ireland has

Late, my sister and I had an email conversation about it this
morning, in which she told me a story where a co-worker said
that "it was no surprise that this kid went ballistic because
he is from South Korea, and that is where all the nuclear bomb
problems are." People like this should move to an island
somewhere, perhaps near North or South Korea, and learn some
FREAKING GEOGRAPHY! South Korea? Ignorance is NOT bliss.
Ignorance is ignorance, and there is no cure.

Then of course, I was watching Survivor tonight, relaxing,
not thinking about anything important, as I am want to do
on Thursday nights, and there was breaking news of how UNR
is being evacuated as I type because there was a man running
around mentioning Virginia Tech and being threatening and
suspicious. Now we have copy-cats. Seriously. Is everyone
in this country this fucked up? It's called therapy. Since
when has it been OK that if we're pissed at our parents (or
society,or our girl/boyfriend, or our lover, or out cat/dog/
bird/fish/pig, or our kids) that we think it is OK to "make

Maybe it isn't Paris Hilton's fault. Maybe it is George W.
Bush's fault for making it OK in the American play-book to
seek retribution for something we have no proof of. Maybe
it is his fault because stupidity seems to be rewarded in
our society.

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Tracysan said...

This is one case in which I will vote for George W. Yes, as repugnant as Paris is, she is not a mass murderer. And I know that war-killing is not supposed to be considered murder, but what is the difference between our government killing 30 innocent people and a university student? The president's authority.